Mar. 6th, 2014


Mar. 6th, 2014 12:05 am
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So, I think I've mentioned this Cyber Aces thing I did back in the fall: Learn about IT security in a cool way, take some tests, and compare scores with other folks in the state. I did well enough to go to the championships later this month (sdfkjsd;fs, still freaking out about that).

Today, I got an e-mail that they wanna interview me while I'm there for a media thing, and asked me to talk about how I got into it, &c. and interesting factoids about me, or whatever. It wasn't until I finished sending the e-mail that I was like: "WAIT. SHIT. DID I JUST AGREE TO TALK TO STRANGERS AND LET THEM QUOTE ME? THE WORLD IS GOING TO BURN DOWN."

Fuck. Shit. FUCK, YOU GUYS.

And this happens on the 15th this month. If you remember, please send me all your soothing juju (beans).



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