Mar. 27th, 2014


Mar. 27th, 2014 06:57 pm
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I failed on updating!

Anyway. Cyber Aces was really great. It was intense, and difficult (it was a hands-on hacking simulation, and we could use the Internet and all, but apparently only 1.7% of professionals make it to level 4 in the contest. We just barely broke into level 3 by the time it was over), and there was a lot of BURNING HEART CONCENTRATION in the room, but man, I had so much funnnnn. I placed fifth in the state; I was two points from third place (and my very own shiny trophy) but alas. First and second place were only separated by three seconds! When they finally called time, everyone in the room simultaneously leaned back in their chairs and there was this big, collective sigh. It was like you could see the steam rising off everyone's heads! It really cemented my desire to A) compete again next year, and B) get a job as an ethical hacker.

(And yeah, I was the only woman in a room full of 25 dudes of various ages and experience levels, and that was kinda uncomfortable, but the women that were there as organizers for the event had formed a little cheering section for me. That was really cute and awesome.)

Plus, since the meet was in the Twin Cities, Gavin and I went down a day early, walked all over Minneapolis, and I got to visit a Lush store and eat amazing Thai food, so whee!

School continues to be breakneck madness. I am really stressed out and tired, but I should get a voucher for the first of my certification tests soon. That'll be one big worry shot down, if I manage to pass it. Gavin's work isn't helping anything, because they are run by total incompetents and in consequential financial trouble. Twice now, they've had to "delay" paychecks because there wasn't enough money in the bank. I feel like I can't graduate FAST enough, and there is this huge burden on me to pass certs and get a well-paying job as soon as I possibly can. I'm so tired of living on the papercut edge of iffy paychecks.

Thankfully, I have this Friday and weekend off. Some of the class are going down to the state Skills USA meet for networking and computer repair. I deigned not to compete in that, with Cyber Aces being such a big deal for me, so I get to stay home and sleep (been fighting insomnia all week). AND I get a haircut this weekend, something I really like.

Otherwise, I have been drawing a-plenty. It's the only thing that disconnects my brain from hacking and CISCO nonsense anymore. Driving looks like routing network traffic, playing video games reminds me of coding, &c. &c. I picked up a little program called Hexels Pro, and started messing with drawing in trixels, and it has clicked with me in an amazing way. It's been really comforting and uplifting to make stuff in it.

There's more, but I'm completely out of energy right now. Time to go read and pet a cat.

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