Jun. 17th, 2014

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I had a second interview with the VP of a cool company in San Francisco today, and it went well enough that tomorrow I have a third interview, over Skype, with the team I'd be working with. I am STOKED. I want this job so bad I can taste it. It is the best fit for my skills and the direction I want to go. A little frantic about finding housing, though. Finding a place to live there in easy distance is difficult and/or expensive. I keep finding condos with the right monthly price range, but you know what I don't want to do? Own a million dollar mortgage.

Still no word from the job in Denver. They better make a decision, 'cause it's about to be made for 'em. Also, unfortunately, the more I read about the company from various employees and friends, the less I want to work there. At this point, if I had both jobs offered to me I'd pick SF, just because the work is SO much better. I'm more comfortable with the cost of living in Denver, but I gotta remember I'm coming from one of the least expensive areas to live in the whole country, mental adjustments must be made.

My mom's 60th is tomorrow, too. Her little sister is visiting from Washington, and I haven't seen my wild aunt in ages, so I'm excited for that. Although, I know I'm gonna get an earful about not working in Redmond, haha.

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