Jul. 30th, 2014

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Like my friend said!

We got desks and chairs, which is awesome. My butt is much happier -- the polished cement looks great, but it sucks to sit on! We're getting a bed tomorrow, which is even better. We still need a bevvy of odds and ends, but it's all coming together.

I'm a little anxious about finances. We had to dig into our line of credit for the deposit + first month rent, and we leaned pretty hard on our credit card our first weeks here (hotel stays/food/laundry). I feel like I just got solvent! I know it's all reasonable, and it'll get paid off (a lot of it is 100% deductible), I just hate the feeling of debt. It makes my teeth itch. We knew the first few months here would be kind of janky for money, the main thing is that in spite of that, things're so much better than they were.

Work continues apace. I'm really new to the whole mid-size enterprise office setting, so I find myself learning as much about office culture as I am about the systems I work on. The folks I sit next to are really helpful and aware though, plus funny, so it's been a good experience.

This afternoon, my boss set me some concrete projects in order of priority, which I really appreciate, though I am a nervous wreck around that man. He is super stoic, and while he's also nice and helpful, I cannot get a read on him. I never know if I'm frustrating him and he wishes he'd never hired me, or if things are going as expected, or what. He's very busy, too, which I suppose adds to the air of brevity. Today, though, he seemed to expect I already knew what I ought to be working on as a long-term project, and I felt the worst because I'd been staking out something totally different. I mean, chalk it up to only having been there three weeks, but I felt like I ought to have been more observant.

The Irish accent though? Is super cool. He also has a great sense of humor. I half-suspect he just doesn't do people very well, but I dunno. SO. STOIC.

Anyway, my side project is getting better at Linux. I've really had to hit the ground running with that in regards to the Linux administration. Apparently, I know more than everyone but a few people, which is... well. Happily, I have a really Linux-invested co-worker who is super nice and eager to help me fumble along. To that end, I'm gonna get a blog up and start keeping notes on it. My co-worker let me have space on the development team's wiki for my sysadmin notes at work, so that's great. I really want to keep up the documentation (because there was literally nothing for me when I started).

In area news: THERE IS SO MUCH I WANT TO DO. I need to start a list! I wanna go to the beach and see the ocean (for the first time. Ever.), I wanna go to Berkeley Bowl, I wanna see the zoo, and go to concerts, and go see redwoods, and take yoga classes, or tai chi, or BOTH. I wanna climb stuff, and get involved in an LGBTQ group, and and and... It's so exciting to live someplace this is all possible!

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