Aug. 17th, 2014

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Outside work, life is good. We still love the area! I don't love paying for our house on top of our rent, as it turns out, but that was expected. We're still on the edge of our finances every month until the house goes away, which means we can't buy a bed, can't ship our things in from MN, can't start paying off debt accrued from the move, &c. &c. That's frustrating, and tiring. I fell asleep last night with the realization that if our house sold, we could have afforded a one bedroom here, with an office!

However, Gavin's not working yet (applying, however!) and if he finds work, no matter how little it pays, it will make an enormous difference. I'm also due for a potential raise once my "training-in period" is over in the middle of October. Fingers crossed!

Because of that, and because getting used to walking 2+ miles a day has been pretty hard on my dilapidated old body, we haven't done a lot of the requisite sightseeing. We're determined to drive down Highway 1 to Half Moon Bay some weekend, because I haven't seen the ocean yet. My co-worker declared I wasn't a real person yet, until I had!

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