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May. 26th, 2014 11:54 pm
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This Friday is the big CCNA exam, so wish me luck!

In the downtime between studying for certifications, I've applied for about twelve positions (post-dating certs is a done thing, if you're reasonably close to taking the exam). I'm waiting a week before checking in and moving on with another batch of applications. A lot of these went out to places that would be total dream jobs. I don't think any of them were particularly out of reach, so fingers crossed, though I expect the struggle for employment to take a bit longer.

I also registered a few domains and got a web version of my résumé online (with a download of the print version). So, if you've got a lead on a Security Analyst/Penetration Tester Associate, or a Network Engineer position, point 'em there: The other domain I registered will be a pentesting/programming/industry blog, but I haven't gotten around to setting it up just yet. Probably after the CCNA.

There is so much decompressing to do, so I apologize if this blog becomes hyperactively babbly for a little while. Getting out of two years of really intense training and launching immediately back into a career is, uh... you keep a lot of shit bottled away for when you have time for it. "I have two days between graduation and a schedule of study for a certification: BRAIN DUMP." My summer is going to be highly weird; I have no idea when/where I'll be employed (a classmate and I both applied for a position at a scientific research base in the Antarctic. No shit. Mostly for giggles, but, y'know...), and basically I am trying to organize my headspace/physical space so I'm ready to go-go-go at the drop of a hat.
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