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A fledgling crow is living in our backyard. Crows leave the nest well before they can fly, and they spend several days land bound figuring out how to forage and hop while their last feathers grow out, &c. Their parents, as well as last year's fledglings, hang around and keep an eye on them, helping to feed and educate them. So, it's been super awesome to spectate; I love corvids! We named our temporary visitor "Barnaby", and I'm pretty excited to see him get his wings.

Last week, I had a phone interview with a huge tier 1 ISP, headquartered near Denver, CO, for an IP Technician/Network Engineer position. They really sprung it on me (I had literally just finished responding to their e-mail telling them any afternoon was fine for a phone call, and then the phone rang), so I was really off-balance, but apparently I did OK. They told me to let them know if I got my CCNA, and I did. The very next e-mail was a request for a second technical interview over Skype. That's tomorrow. I am preeeeetty wound up.

This job isn't ideal: it's not in security. It's essentially very high-level tech support, and it's an afternoons/night shift. However, the company it's with is pretty dang amazing (culture-wise and accomplishments-wise), it's really valuable hands-on experience, it pays pretty dang well, and the department lead (who is a woman, which is awesome) told me there were endless opportunities for changing direction within the company, as well as for education and certification.

So, I feel conflicted. If I pass muster on the technical interview, it sounds like there might also be a face-to-face interview before an offer would be made. I hope that's enough time for some of the other places I've applied to shake my résumé out of the stack, because I'd really like a shot at those. On the other hand, this would be employment MUCH sooner than I'd anticipated, which would be a small miracle that I would be very grateful for.
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