Jun. 19th, 2014 11:14 pm
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Holy shit, they hired me!

So, I had a third interview over Skype with the team I'd be taking the burden off of, and the head of development. They were amazingly nice and funny. Development quizzed me on the Minecraft servers I've run, haha!

HR called the next day to say that everyone loved talking to me. Plus, there was a guy in the office who said I'd be a great fit and a perfect addition, because I was from the Iron Range. Turns out, he's originally from 20 miles north of here. SOLIDARITY. After that, my references checked out, and now I have a real, live job offer in my hands. HOLY. SHIT.


I am scared shitless, excited out of my MIND, and overjoyed, simultaneously!

I start the 7th of July, so I'm scrambling to secure housing and fly out there with the bare minimum while Gavin empties the house and puts it on the market. (We are literally selling everything. If you've been in my house and seen something you liked, chances are you can HAVE it.) I've been apartment hunting for a few weeks now, and I was despairing of finding anything under $1600/mo. until I stumbled across a little gem tonight and got in touch with the owner. I hope it's as good as it sounds, because it's beautiful, just the right size, and a bus ride from work.

Cross your fingers for me/light a candle/think happy thoughts, if you can. I'll need them to bear up under this transition in the next few months, but I'm so happy, stress aside.
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