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Landlords do not wanna deal with you long distance. I called dozens of places, and the last rejection today was heartbreaking. I even offered to take a few places sight unseen, but I won't be there 'till the 5th, and nobody wants to wait. This is even with all the paperwork, the money, and local references ready immediately. The larger complexes are fine with it, but out of my price range (we still have to pay the mortgage/utils on our house here 'till it sells). I get it, but it's super frustrating.

We're going to get a week stay through Airbnb so I can start work, then scour Berkeley and parts of Oakland for a place while we're there. I figure, if I'm right there with all my papers, I gotta get a yes. I tell you what: between this, juggling the realtor/paperwork for selling this house, and organizing a moving sale, I am tired. If I wasn't so incredibly excited about this job and the Bay Area in general, I just wouldn't.

Fingers crossed, though! We're pretty excited about the crazy ramen festival on the 18th-19th!

Date: 2014-07-01 03:28 am (UTC)
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Oh my god, congratulations!! I missed all the recent updates because checking DW hasn't been a habit lately, but I just came to look. I'm so happy for you!

I know it's super tough right now, though--rent is crazy. But once you're in the area, it'll be easier. :)

Seriously--CONGRATS. :D

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