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Today, Gavin worked pretty much non-stop taking stuff to recycle, and storing the few furniture items we want to move later. I feel terrible; he got done with work at 10am, then worked on all this 'till 5pm, 'cause I'm useless for lifting/carrying. Right now, he's sleeping, because he gets up for work again at midnight. :/ He's told me he keeps having moments of pure, giddy joy that he'll never be doing this-or-that again at work, so I have to believe it's all worth it!

Meanwhile, I've been packing up the few things left, arranging luggage, doing all the paperwork arrangements with the realtors, and researching moving companies that will pick up and ship our boxes out to us once we have an apartment. Also, researching apartments, getting public transportation cards, California ID cards, &c. There's so much to do! I am drowning in anxiety, as previously relayed, but I am also very, very happy and excited. ADVENTURE.

Our housemate will be here until the place sells, so there are a few items left behind for his enjoyment (and he can garage sale them later), but otherwise, the place looks almost the same as when we moved in. It's pretty eerie. I keep getting the sense we're starting over.

I had an annual physical with my doc, so I could get it out of the way before the hullaballoo of changing providers and establishing new care. Surprising shit came up, though. 

My doctor is about 99% sure I've been suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome since my twenties, which is incredibly likely to have kicked off my autoimmune thyroid disorder, exacerbated my anxiety, caused the persistent inflammation in my knees, and made weight loss so difficult.

After the usual stuff, at the end of the exam, I'd asked her if there was something I could do to eat MORE calories, and she gave me this look like, "Girl, what the hell." Because I am pretty fat, yo. So I tell her I can only manage to eat about 900 calories a day, any more and I feel bloated and nauseous. I figured it was just a slow gut, due to the thyroid issues, but I know undereating that much (1200/day is bare minimum for women) puts a body into starvation mode, which stops weight loss. So, y'know.

She sat and thought a minute, and said: "Insulin resistance." And then ticked off all my other problems: the thyroid, the knees, the hairy face, the persistent, mild acne, critical vitamin D deficiency, and the stubborn fat. Congratulations, it's PCOS!

I have a bunch of lab tests tomorrow morning, and two new drugs to take with me to CA, contingent on seeing a doctor out there within three months. But, I'm kinda excited. If PCOS has been the root of all this shit that's been breaking my body down since my mid-twenties, and it's treatable, I will take ALL THE PILLS. Also, seriously, it would be a relief to be able to boil all this shit down to one thing.

Anyway: T minus two days. Tomorrow is the last of the packing, checking our lists twice, and getting ready to go Thursday morning. WHOA.

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