Jul. 22nd, 2014 08:25 pm
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Hey. Hi.

I'm posting this from a tiny, but gorgeous studio loft in Oakland, CA. There's no furniture, just our air mattress and computers, but we hung our bell on the door handle, and set up our PG&E bill today.

We made it! And shit, the Bay Area is so beautiful. I love the weather, the new flora, the pigeons, the people, BART, the buildings, my job, basically everything. Even when apartment hunting was at its most frustrating and dire, Gavin and I would still turn to look at each other and smile real big, because fuck it. We made it.

My job: so far it's been a steep uphill learning curve, but I love it so much. My co-workers are friendly and funny, my boss is patient and a very willing teacher, and the work itself is such a joy. Solving problems! Unpacking complicated problems into smaller ones, and then fixing them! I think being a sysadmin is my favorite thing I've done with my life, so far. And the diversity at my company! So many people from all over the world, and different walks of life; it's comforting and interesting at the same time. The co-worker that got me the interview here (bless him) takes me to a different food truck every day!

The food: With the food trucks, I'd worry about putting on weight, but A) all the walking (oh Glory the walking -- I'm down 10 pounds just walking to and from BART) and B) the food here is SO. GOOD. Like, I had a salad with fruit, and the fruit on it practically lit up and sang with an angelic choir in my mouth, and the leafy bits had different FLAVORS and TEXTURES. We bought a mini-watermelon for snacks/dessert tonight, and I almost cried over it. 100% serious. I mean, just, you know, it came from a Safeway or whatever and it was the best watermelon I'd ever tasted. The quality and selection is just... We're from the most barren of food deserts (unless you like ALL CHEESE ALL THE TIME), so being here is like entering the promised land. I just eat fruits and vegetables now, because they are like the Rapture happened to me. Seriously, take me produce shopping and watch me weep in joy and caress your fruits.

The apartment: it's an old, historical building (the first factory to employ women on the west coast) that was renovated into lofts this year, so it's industrial chic (I guess?). Our studio is really small, but the wall-to-wall 12' windows really make up for that. It was a miserable struggle to GET an apartment, though. We were in a hotel for two weeks. We'd look for open houses and available places by night, I'd go to work in the morning, and Gavin would cart all our papers and applications around, then we'd regroup, follow up and do it all over again that night. So, that we're here is totally thanks to him! The next step is to get some more furniture at the end of the month (computer desks, chairs and a bedddddd), then it will really start to feel like home.

Anyway, we're really happy and excited, in general. I will post pictures as soon as I have a desk and don't have to try and do this from an air mattress!

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