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I passed the ICND-2 exam; I'm an official CCNA.

I just about wept for joy. I have seriously spent the last two weeks, from 11am to 11pm every day, studying for this exam. And that was after a year's worth of college coursework designed to get me this far. This is the END. I am going to take the summer OFF from certification learning while I look for work, hopefully find it, and probably move states/settle a new life.

When I came home, Gavin had a bottle of champagne ready. We drank the whole thing, and I took a solid nap, the first one in months untroubled by phantom network topologies and dream-logic troubleshooting scenarios.


The Hunt

May. 26th, 2014 11:54 pm
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This Friday is the big CCNA exam, so wish me luck!

In the downtime between studying for certifications, I've applied for about twelve positions (post-dating certs is a done thing, if you're reasonably close to taking the exam). I'm waiting a week before checking in and moving on with another batch of applications. A lot of these went out to places that would be total dream jobs. I don't think any of them were particularly out of reach, so fingers crossed, though I expect the struggle for employment to take a bit longer.

I also registered a few domains and got a web version of my résumé online (with a download of the print version). So, if you've got a lead on a Security Analyst/Penetration Tester Associate, or a Network Engineer position, point 'em there: http://braincrash.net The other domain I registered will be a pentesting/programming/industry blog, but I haven't gotten around to setting it up just yet. Probably after the CCNA.

There is so much decompressing to do, so I apologize if this blog becomes hyperactively babbly for a little while. Getting out of two years of really intense training and launching immediately back into a career is, uh... you keep a lot of shit bottled away for when you have time for it. "I have two days between graduation and a schedule of study for a certification: BRAIN DUMP." My summer is going to be highly weird; I have no idea when/where I'll be employed (a classmate and I both applied for a position at a scientific research base in the Antarctic. No shit. Mostly for giggles, but, y'know...), and basically I am trying to organize my headspace/physical space so I'm ready to go-go-go at the drop of a hat.
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I passed my Security+ certification exam today, with an 841/900. Yessssss. This cert is one of the big ones I was hoping to do well on; it'll help me get an entry level position in infosec (which I really, really, reaaaaaally want), and it's a step towards becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker (which I double plus really want).

I immediately went out and applied for a few positions I'd been watching on job hunting sites, so fingers crossed. Not only do I want a paycheck, I want loooots of hands on experience! So, if you know of anyone that wants a junior level computer security person, pllllease let me know! Junior security analyst/engineer, or (ideally) junior penetration tester would be my favorite buzzwords.

I've got one big, bad certification left: the CCNA. It's the CCENT's big brother, so it'll be a doozy. Next week the three other classmates that are taking it with me are all going to be camping out at my house every afternoon so we can study for it. We'll be doing a lot of labs and troubleshooting, since the test is full of simulation labs. It should actually be pretty fun!

I'm gonna buy a domain name and get a webpage up with my resume in the next week or so, too. (I worked so hard on my cute little resume!) I'd like to get a portfolio of work up there, but really all I have is a lot of art projects, a tiny MUD and a barebones roguelike in Python. I'm not sure that's worth showing off... I'd kind of like to start a sideblog about the pentesting stuff I am learning and getting into. I hear that's worth brownie points, since getting work in infosec is really highly non-standardized.

Anyway, tonight is for celebrating with mead and dumb fishing MMOs! WHEE!


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