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I passed the ICND-2 exam; I'm an official CCNA.

I just about wept for joy. I have seriously spent the last two weeks, from 11am to 11pm every day, studying for this exam. And that was after a year's worth of college coursework designed to get me this far. This is the END. I am going to take the summer OFF from certification learning while I look for work, hopefully find it, and probably move states/settle a new life.

When I came home, Gavin had a bottle of champagne ready. We drank the whole thing, and I took a solid nap, the first one in months untroubled by phantom network topologies and dream-logic troubleshooting scenarios.

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  • Have free time that is not occluded by: needing to study, do homework, worrying about getting a job, selling house/moving concerns.
  • Release dumb Python roguelike I made
  • Make a Twine game
  • Make a Ren'Py game
  • Make another roguelike (omg, we have to talk about what I want to do with this, you and me)
  • Learn C#
  • Learn more Python, put it to use in places other than dumb roguelikes
  • Make more trixel art
  • Never stop making trixel art
  • Make trixel stickers, put them on everything
  • Start pursuing self-study for CEH (the official training course is $1,500, fffffuuuuck that)
  • Read all these goddamn books that have been piling up for literally two years

How am I going to prioritize this? How.


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