Jun. 3rd, 2013 03:30 pm
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School's OUT. I made another 4.0 this year, passed my Windows Server Administration certification and HOORAY. I will miss my classmates over the next few months, but there's movie nights and D&D romps with them coming up, so it's all good.

The first day after class was over, I spent all day messing with my little Raspberry PI, cutting up old t-shirts into lighter, less boxy t-shirts, and having a celebratory cigar. It was glorious, and now I have cuter t-shirts to layer. Since then, a good friend of ours has come to stay as a temporary roommate while he saves up for the deposit on an apartment he's got his eye on (his home situation was a little unstable, which is why he's here for now). He's always a joy to have around, and he introduced me to hookahs, which are really neat! We've been having a lot of fun finding weird shisha flavors and combining them, &c. (I also get sun by sitting on the porch to have a smoke, which is delightful.)

I've got Gavin working on his vintage video game education, we've set up an emulation station hooked up to our TV, so he can play some old classics. He seems to be having a lot of fun so far, and it is great to see someone experience this stuff for the first time! Meanwhile, I'm just plain old educating myself over the summer with the areas of computer security I'm really interested in -- cryptology, white-hat hacking, &c. I feel like a huge nerd; I can't stop learning for even a few months. But it's fun! I also have letters to write (yours is next, [personal profile] aeslis  ! Sorry it's taken soooo long!) and a LOT of drawing to catch up on! I wanna submit some t-shirt designs to Threadless this summer, finish that little Super Mario World ROM hack I started, and play with Twine to make some other games+pictures. 

The only bad thing, really, is that money is tight since my grants for school are done for the summer. Thanks to Gavin, there's a little left over every month after the utilities, mortgage, car, phone, and groceries, but not much. Thankfully, my dad is wiring a large project this summer for the state, and he'll need an FOA certified someone to help run the fiber optics -- that's me! So that should help once it gets started.

Overall, I'm pretty excited for summer in general! 


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