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Feb. 28th, 2013 09:05 pm
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It's been long enough that it's hard to figure out where I left off! So, let's try bullet points and see what happens!
  • 2007 - 2010 were some rough years. I was sick as hell, diagnosed with a disorder, and finally got the ball rolling on treatment and recovery in late 2010. That year was financially merciless, between the medical bills and my husband losing his job in late 2010. I did get to visit Japan in 2009, though, and I drew a short comic in 2010 that I am still moderately proud of.
  • By 2011 I felt a lot better, physically. Mentally and emotionally I was hanging on by threads, though, so I invested in some therapy. A good decision! It meant another couple of diagnoses, and (constant, ongoing) hard work, but it's been more worth it than I can even express.
  • Right at the start of 2012 my employer went through a lot of economical layoffs, and I was one of them. My job of a decade -- and my family's solitary income at the time -- was kaput. Happily, my husband found a good job midway through the year, and I spent what felt like the entire year doing paperwork to go back to college (through a displaced worker's program that is footing the bill). I started full-time classes in September.
  • So, 2013! I'm back in college for computer networking and security certifications until 2014, which will (hopefully!) help me become a more highly qualified/better paid version of my previous job, and that is almost my entire life right now. The classes are challenging (and fascinating and wonderful and I love them), but my mental health situation also makes it exhausting. Still, I managed a 4.0 in my first semester, and the thrill of learning has been totally worthwhile.
When I am not ALL SCHOOL ALL THE TIME, I am:
  • Drawing something -- my relationship to/with art is a weird complicated struggle that is hard for me to articulate, but I'm incapable of not drawing. I'm hugely in love with indie comics and storytelling; I'd love to go to a convention someday and trade minicomics!
  • Tinkering with computers, or coding something  -- I'm a newly minted Linux enthusiast!
  • Being the administrator of a little Minecraft server -- this is my favorite way to relax, lately.
  • Knitting something -- I'm mostly a Winter knitter, but I make practical bits like washcloths and things for the house all year long.
  • Herding three cats in and out of trouble. One is an F2 Sphynx, the others are half-Siamese/half-Persians adopted from a friend and former housemate who couldn't care for them anymore.
  • Reading, coding, and playing a slew of DS and 3DS games.
And that's kind of it! Recently, I've wanted a corner to write about things -- mental health stuff, school, art... Just stuff too long for Twitter, or G+ updates. I want to gnaw on some stuff out loud. I'm trying not to over think it and paint myself into a corner (as I am wont to do with journals). So, uh, fingers crossed!

ETA: And at some point, I will have to make a journal theme again!


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