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I had a second interview with the VP of a cool company in San Francisco today, and it went well enough that tomorrow I have a third interview, over Skype, with the team I'd be working with. I am STOKED. I want this job so bad I can taste it. It is the best fit for my skills and the direction I want to go. A little frantic about finding housing, though. Finding a place to live there in easy distance is difficult and/or expensive. I keep finding condos with the right monthly price range, but you know what I don't want to do? Own a million dollar mortgage.

Still no word from the job in Denver. They better make a decision, 'cause it's about to be made for 'em. Also, unfortunately, the more I read about the company from various employees and friends, the less I want to work there. At this point, if I had both jobs offered to me I'd pick SF, just because the work is SO much better. I'm more comfortable with the cost of living in Denver, but I gotta remember I'm coming from one of the least expensive areas to live in the whole country, mental adjustments must be made.

My mom's 60th is tomorrow, too. Her little sister is visiting from Washington, and I haven't seen my wild aunt in ages, so I'm excited for that. Although, I know I'm gonna get an earful about not working in Redmond, haha.
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I'mma have a long talk about ~feelings~, but I'll put that under the cut, so you can pass that maundering by.

BARNABY UPDATE: He is growing tail feathers rapidly! He's much better at not-falling-over and hunting bugs. His family is the neatest. I'd love to always have a crow family nearby. Barnaby lives in a neighbor's lilac bush when it rains, but there is almost always an adult crow in a tree nearby watching. It is super the cutest.

Right now? Thunderstorms. All week. Not enough to make up for the brutal fucking winter, Minnesota, but it's nice. Also, right now: Insomnia. All week. 90% of that is stress, due to uncertainty and the pre-emptive disaster hypothesizing that only a clinically anxious brain can come up with.

On that note, the job hunt progresses. I had three, count 'em, interviews with a major ISP in Denver. The third interview was with the top of the food chain, and pretty nerve wracking. Anyway, I'm supposed to hear by the end of the week one way or the other. No, it's fine, I'll just be chewing off my fingernails. No big.

A really nice friend that I used to play WoW with also got me an in with his company, who is looking for a sysadmin in San Francisco. That would be uh-mazing. I'm not especially sold on living in SF, but for a sysadmin position, I'd live just about anywhere.

I got back two rejections from other places, and then applied to six more. I have a solid dozen résumés out, now. So, y'know. It goes.

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A fledgling crow is living in our backyard. Crows leave the nest well before they can fly, and they spend several days land bound figuring out how to forage and hop while their last feathers grow out, &c. Their parents, as well as last year's fledglings, hang around and keep an eye on them, helping to feed and educate them. So, it's been super awesome to spectate; I love corvids! We named our temporary visitor "Barnaby", and I'm pretty excited to see him get his wings.

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The Hunt

May. 26th, 2014 11:54 pm
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This Friday is the big CCNA exam, so wish me luck!

In the downtime between studying for certifications, I've applied for about twelve positions (post-dating certs is a done thing, if you're reasonably close to taking the exam). I'm waiting a week before checking in and moving on with another batch of applications. A lot of these went out to places that would be total dream jobs. I don't think any of them were particularly out of reach, so fingers crossed, though I expect the struggle for employment to take a bit longer.

I also registered a few domains and got a web version of my résumé online (with a download of the print version). So, if you've got a lead on a Security Analyst/Penetration Tester Associate, or a Network Engineer position, point 'em there: http://braincrash.net The other domain I registered will be a pentesting/programming/industry blog, but I haven't gotten around to setting it up just yet. Probably after the CCNA.

There is so much decompressing to do, so I apologize if this blog becomes hyperactively babbly for a little while. Getting out of two years of really intense training and launching immediately back into a career is, uh... you keep a lot of shit bottled away for when you have time for it. "I have two days between graduation and a schedule of study for a certification: BRAIN DUMP." My summer is going to be highly weird; I have no idea when/where I'll be employed (a classmate and I both applied for a position at a scientific research base in the Antarctic. No shit. Mostly for giggles, but, y'know...), and basically I am trying to organize my headspace/physical space so I'm ready to go-go-go at the drop of a hat.


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