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Work is tiring! Last weekend we had kind of a major outage, naturally, this was while my boss was out of town, haha. I did some emergency fiddling and got the old backup service up and running so that no one was out for more than half the day. Today, my boss said that while he appreciated my initiative, I really should have e-mailed him and detailed the situation while it was happening, because he maybe could have fixed the main service instead (I don't have access to it, yet. Likewise, he hasn't been able to bring the main service back up for some reason).

I totally understand why he would have preferred an e-mail, and I'm kicking myself, but it is REALLY hard to shake the method and mental set I have from working in the Iron Range's culture so long, i.e. "NEVER escalate; figure out how to do it yourself, or you're just lazy." It doesn't help that my boss is just naturally intimidating, and rather stoic, so even minor critiques come across a little heavy. I don't know that explaining myself to him would help, though.

I feel upset. In trying to save him the hassle (knowing that he was crazy busy setting up a new office all the way across the country), and save the day for all our end users, I feel like I caused trouble somehow. Maybe I just need a thicker skin. I gotta remember, though I've done this type of work before, this environment is new; I'M new -- it's not even been two months. I probably shouldn't expect that I'll get it right all the time.

In happier news, the lady who owns and founded the company has been in the office this week, and I've been helping her transfer to a new computer and get used to some new software. She's been incredibly sweet, and told me I was doing a great job, in front of my boss even. That was a real relief!

Also, the rest of work has been going really well (as far as I know!) even with all the new hires and new problems that come with it. I'm in the middle of a big inventory restructure project, and that's going just fine. After this, I wanna ask if I can present some talks on security awareness, 'cause we're also in the middle of a giant influx of phishing spam.

Me. Asking if I can please present a talk. Therapy really does help.

Life at home is good! We got some hopeful news about selling our house, so my fingers are crossed SO HARD right now. Gavin's gotten into an awesome little hobby while all our usual hobby stuff is still in MN, and was also hired part time at a Starbucks just a block from where I work. That shit is AWESOME. Seeing him for lunch will make everything so much better. Not to mention the extra income!

My Bay Area friends are also great. The co-worker that got me the job offered me his piano for playing (after finding out I'd had to sell my Clavinova and all my sheet music, and that I hadn't really played in years, he was appalled and demanded I get on that), AND his dog for petting. The latter is probably the best thing ever. I am really, really missing having animals around. I didn't realize how important to me it really was. I seriously well up a little bit when I get to meet and pat a dog at my apartment.

I also found a patisserie that sells the BESSSST macarons. I also can't wait to try a cupcake!


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