Nov. 10th, 2013 11:26 am
hat_of_nikitich: (brain overload)
Not quite, but almost.

I'm not dead, just stupid amounts of busy! The rest of my summer blew by at a ridiculous rate, and I did almost nothing I'd planned on! I knitted a lot, read a ton, and spent a lot of time messing with Kali Linux. I drew a lot, but it was almost all in notebooks or on napkins.

Gavin and I bought a new car, which was financially painful, but entirely necessary. Also, it is a really nice car, and it's wonderful to drive something that isn't threatening to fall apart. (It also gets three times the gas mileage.)

School started in September, and that's been my world since then. The more advanced classes this year are distinctly more advanced, and take up more of my attention and time than I'd expected. We just finished a class in Digital Forensics, which was a lot of mystery solving and retrieving information from dead or deleted harddrives/flash drives/network traces and so on. SO COOL. Now we're into Information Assurance, and one of our first homework assignments was to author our own piece of (innocuous) malware, which was really a lot of fun!

Simultaneously, we're working on CISCO's networking curriculum, and that's fun, too, but not like the security stuff is. We were told we'd really find out what it was we wanted to pursue as a career this semester, and that is certainly holding true for me. I'm really interested in cryptology and the cypherpunk movement, besides, but I don't know that I have the math background/ability required to really get into that. Although, I never figured I'd be able to do math in binary and hexadecimal, or subnet a network, either, but I do those better than I count in decimal now. So, who knows?

I'm also a lot closer to my classmates than I was last year, too. We all had a good time getting pretty tipsy while we were down at a tech trade show last month, and strange bonds were formed over drunk philosophical conversations. Isn't it odd how that works out? We all play D&D together on Thursdays after class now, and that's been hysterical. The big upshot of this is that it's really helped my anxiety immensely. Immersion therapy, I guess!

I finally went to a chiropractor about my knee (I've had a lot of trouble walking for the last few years on account of my knee spazzing out), and that was cool! I'd never been to a chiropractor before, and he was really kind and interested in teaching as he went along. I had my tibia and pelvis adjusted, which was unpleasant, but incredibly helpful. He had a suspicion that I might have a milk allergy, too, because of the inflammation problems and some other symptoms, so I went off dairy for a month and that was ... kind of a life-changer. I am, indeed, pretty dang allergic to milk. Like, not only did it eliminate my joint inflammation, but I lost a bunch of weight, and my acne and the chicken skin on my arms just up and disappeared. Weird, right? I gave up most meat a long time ago (I still eat fish and seafood sometimes), and now I can't eat dairy, so I figured I might as well pick up some vegan cookbooks and go that route. The Veganomicon has been a life-saver!

I'm gonna try and update here more often than twice a year, especially as Winter sets in. I get seasonal affective disorder pretty bad as the days get shorter, so journaling will be helpful. Also gonna try growing some fresh herbs and things indoors; tending plants always cheer me up immensely, and vegan cooking uses a lot of herbs and spices!

I've been knitting fiendishly, too. I'm trying to use up my stash of yarn entirely (I hate not using stuff, but I love having yarn -- problems), so I'll try to post pictures as I go!


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